This remote electronic CyberDoktor vision roots from 2003. The philosophy of patients curing themselves at home under remote supervision of Medical Proffessionals is known since the Chinese Medicine developed more than 3.000 years ago.

A team around what later on became the news portal, started already in 2003 to work on finding medical solutions which would be more reliable in curing people with diseases and illnesses. It soon became clear that the traditional, so called, western health care system was a flaw and just had ended up in a dead end street, where patients generally were just used as cash cows for all the different medical production and service givers on the market.

By studying old Asian medicine, we found that what had been ridiculed since many years by the western healthcare, was generally much more successful but without interest for the western medicine, because it was impossible to patent these old habits of curing people, thus no money to be earned. We found, after many years of systematic data collection, that most of these treatments were superior to the western health care system. What was lacking in those old traditions were a modern approach how to use them.

People's attitude to something, which might be good, but would not be wrapped in with a modern fashion outlook, would be impossible to sell into the majority of today's consumers. We understood that, either, as some successful supplement companies already do, it would be necessary to take these old herb mixtures and try to compose them in such a way that it would be possible to patent certain remedy compositions.

The only problem was that those few special remedy compositions would not, isolated from basic stuff like Vitamin C and Magnesium, cure any people with diseases or illnesses!

The solution which we think might change the world came with the Quantum Medicine implementations. This is 21st Century technology which turned everything upside down. Why? Well, the Quantum Medicine showed us that any kind of element, no matter of if it is Asian Herbs known from thousand of years or synthetic drugs, water, paraffin, etc. can easily be tested and within seconds we will know if it will be helpful to cure or not. We will even know if that herb or drug etc. will give any side effects and also which kind of side effects.

Now comes the most interesting part of this short presentation: after wildly testing all kinds of herbs, drugs, etc., we found that it does not exist one single synthetic drug without negative side effects and that hardly any synthetic drugs cure any basic health problems among living beings. These synthetic drugs only seem to sweep symptoms under the carpet and, many times, leaves the patient in a worse situation than he had before taking those pills, because by sweeping away the symptoms, the patient thinks he is cured, while his body, who was warning him by issuing symptoms, now will have an uncontrolled degeneration, generally unknown to the person concerned who thinks he is cured. Then we found that in many such cases, surprisingly some patients recovered. When checking the reason for recovery, we found that in spite of poisoning the patient with these poisonous drugs he recovered thanks to the placebo effect!! It means "The Believe" made some patients to recover in spite of that he swallowed poison. Next valuable information we found was that synthetic drugs where the patient did not get any pain relief or noticeable "kick" were the absolutely worse ones, e.g. statins, which probably have killed more people than any other drug. The list of long term damages is so long that it would be boring for you to read. Shortly said, you mention a kind of body deterioration, and the statins are able to cause that problem as well.

How come the Quantum Medicine gives us such hope? It is not the Quantum Medicine in itself, it is the knowledge mankind has got from the Quantum Physics science, which we can use to calculate everything from the Big Bang down to each Amino Acid molecule in our DNA, not to forget about future Quantum Computers and Cold Fission technologies waiting to be explored around the corner.

The technology is here now. It could be more user friendly than most of those system are today. The main reason for weak client adaptation is mainly because it was developed for military and space purposes and naturally you do not need to tweak those systems to make them commercially attractive for the consumer when they have been developed for totally different purposes.

Under Quantum Medicine themes, we will try to collect a few articles for you to study in order to get a feeling what it is all about. Read more here below.......



Quantum medicine explantion (

A new paradigm of medicine is approaching

We cannot refute the undeniable existence and importance of quantum physics, but for some reason the medical field has been slow to embrace the revolutionary and important discoveries that directly impact health.

For over 100 years Quantum physics has detailed the energetic aspects of all matter. Albert Einstein famously came up with his equation E=MC² which describes matter and energy as two sides of the same coin. Extensive research into the field of bioenergy has revealed that all cells in living organisms communicate with each other and have the ability to store and emit particles of light called biophotons (named by the German biophysicist, Fritz A.Popp, of the University of Kaiserlautern). Many other researchers in the last century including Prof. H. Frolich (Nobel Prize), Prof. Lund, Dr. Pilla, Dr. D. Gabor (Nobel Prize), Prof. I. Prigogine (Nobel Prize) declared that life cells emit electromagnetic fields. Then why have these Nobel Prize winning findings been ignored by the medical field? Let us look at those that have embraced these discoveries and applied them in a medical sense. READ MORE ....