Surely you have been told by doctors that AD (Alzheimer's Disease) can’t be healed. This is a lie!

Why should we be kinder and more diplomatic with this issue when we actually know the truth?

The truth behind the above statement is that you simply are what you eat, nothing else!

The fact is that Alzheimer’s disease can be reversed. The effects of this condition can be reversed to the point where you will feel just as you did before your diagnosis or before all of these problems started to show up in your life.

The problem with most doctors is that they don’t think outside the box. It’s easier to prescribe drugs and make money of them, than it is to actually help patients.

It’s easier to prescribe the drugs produced by pharmaceutical companies that support the professional organization you are being a part of or the one that has funded your medical training, since, as a doctor, you and maybe your clinic will receive the biggest benefit of all. It’s easier to do things by the book and never ask yourself any challenging questions.

Remember one thing – drugs are addictive and the more you need them, the better it will be for the profits of pharmaceutical companies and the wallets of those who are supposed to be helping you. Why research new therapies and why invest money in finding a cure when it’s more profitable to keep those affected by AD or by other chronic diseases dependent on drugs for years? It’s evil, but this is how the business works.

Luckily, not all the doctors and medical researchers are the same. Alzheimer’s, dementia and even a deteriorating memory are not caused by aging or oxidation in the brain, as you have been told by now. Instead, science is showing that there is one single enzyme – striatal-enriched protein tyrosine phosphatase (STEP) – which is raised in several different neuropsychiatric and neurodegenerative disorders, including Alzheimer's disease. These similar types of disorders, to a certain extent, also applies for Parkinson's disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Arthritis and several types of Cancer. 

STEP normally opposes the development of synaptic strengthening – this refers to the ability of your brain to form connections and therefore solidify certain memories – and if you have high levels of STEP then you will not get synapses to form as well as possible. Scientifically speaking, these high levels will remove phosphate groups from many proteins as well as many receptors that take in glutamate. All that you have to really know in this case is that these receptors will not take in the chemicals that your brain needs. As a result, the effects of AD will get to be much worse unless you find a way to reverse the condition as needed.

Yale scientists discovered a simple compound called TC-2153 that stops STEP from destroying the brain and even “irreversibly” repairs synapses.

 The study itself is actually  being printed in a major scientific journal as a means of helping people learn a little more about the condition and how it may be kept in check so it will not be as much of a risk as it could be. Just take a look at this abstract; naturally, it may be challenging to think about what it will do when you consider how complicated some of the words are but it is a clear sign of how your body can benefit in the long run if this inhibitor is used.

Long story short, the Alzheimer’s disease can be reversed.

How about it? AD can be reversed and scientists are researching the precise medical formula that will help people who are currently suffering from this condition. Since we know pharmaceutical companies are not very keen about reducing their profits for the sake of persons that they don’t actually care about, it might take a few years for this to actually get out there. That is why the study and the program you are going to read next is revolutionary. After further study based on the research conducted by a group of doctors and professors from Yale, we can proudly present you a diet plan that will be able to really help you. This comes in the form of what is known as TC-2153 and it could be your saving grace with regards to having a healthier life and being able to control the development of Alzheimer's and other mental conditions. Here is how it works! TC-2153 has two components:
Trifluoromethyl – occurs in pharmaceuticals, drugs, but also abiotically synthesized natural fluorocarbon based compounds. That’s complex – but basically what you need to know is that it can be induced through
carboxylic acids – acids that are found in many fruits and other natural places. Simply put, changing your diet can help you to acquire more of this key aspect of TC-2153.
Amine hydrochloride – combinations of amine hydrochlorides (found in different food products) and benzyl alcohols (found in many fruits, teas, essential oils and  jasmine, etc) react with carboxylic acids to make them functional. The amine hydrochlorides and benzyl alcohols can be catalyzed by iron nitrate, a component that can be found in many fruits and vegetables like beets, carrots, lettuce, etc. Also, it is capable of lowering the body's blood pressure levels. It can be found in foods like lettuce, beetroots and other things and it can provide you with support for your blood pressure, for instance. The advantages that will come out of taking such foods in your diet may especially help considering how you need these nitrates to activate the many chain reactions that will help you to get the effects of TC-2153 under control so your  body will feel right and comfortable for as long as possible.
We will intelligently “play” together with the components of TC-2153 in building an easy to follow diet that will not leave you with an excuse for not following it.

That is, this is a diet that is actually going to be worthwhile and appealing to get into. You will certainly want to be in this diet if used right. Also, because we understand very well how it is to be affected by AD, we will take things slowly so you can get a better idea of just how this can work for you.

The concept of STEP does not sound like anything dangerous when you just look at the acronym. However, it is actually much more than what you might think it is. It is a component that can cause you to develop Alzheimer's. The most amazing thing about STEP is that it is the particular component in your brain that will promote the development of AD. It may even be associated with a number of other mental conditions where the brain is negatively impacted.
What is STEP?
STEP is short for striatal-enriched protein tyrosine phosphatase. It is a protein that will keep neurons from being able to move around in the brain as well as possible. It will be rather difficult for synapses to develop and be maintained if a person is suffering from AD. STEP is a key part in what makes it all happen. Part of what STEP does is that it regulates the NMDA glutamate receptor. This is a receptor that typically takes in neurotransmitters that help establish long-term memories. Glutamate receptors are required to help form memories; it particularly makes it easier for short-term memories to become long-term memories when used the right way. It is an essential aspect of the brain, but it may also be harmed in a negative manner. The NMDA receptors are critical to the development of neurons and synapses, but STEP will get in the way and regulate their production by keeping them from working as well as they should. STEP also removes phosphate groups from many proteins including kinases and glutamate receptors. Kinases are enzymes that move phosphates around while glutamate receptors work to manage and receive neurotransmitters. 

Essentially, proteins are building blocks for many functions and the removal of phosphate groups can be dangerous. The specific form of STEP that can cause Alzheimer's to develop is STEP61. This protein will stop synapses from becoming stronger. It will also remove receptor sites for synaptic functions and will stop the production of other proteins responsible for helping you function at a cognitive level. In addition, it may also cause other proteins that have not been targeted at a given time to become inactive. What makes STEP even worse is that it may end up destroying and ruining some of the common neurotransmitters that promote the development of memories, as well as your general ability to recall whatever you might have learned or discovered over time. It may cause those chemicals to stop working and they may be harder for the brain to produce over time.

STEP was found at the Yale School of Medicine more than 25 years ago.

The discovery of this component was critical as it helped to find that it is capable of impacting the brain in many forms and can certainly contribute to not only AD, but also many other cognitive issues. It will become rather easy for the brain to be negatively impacted by this condition if it is not managed as well as it should be.
During many further studies at Yale, it was found that by reducing the genetic levels of STEP in mice that have genes that cause AD, the cognitive functions of the mice would improve. Simply put, by inhibiting the development of STEP, the effects of Alzheimer's may actually be reversed. As you will discover here below, TC-2153 can help reverse the effects of Alzheimer's.
The Added Role in Parkinson's
One other point about STEP is that it may also have a critical role in the development of Parkinson's disease. While this is a different cognitive disorder, it will end up causing the signs of Parkinson's to increase over time. This is because STEP is closely linked to Parkin. This is a component that is found in the brain and is part of the Park2 gene. If Parkin fails to work as well as needed, then the signs of Parkinson's may become more prevalent in a patient. As a result, the physical tremors and functions that come with Parkinson's may increase in intensity. Also, the mood changes that may develop from the condition will also increase due to the disruption of that natural rate of neurotransmitter production in the brain. STEP is a true villain in terms of AD and other brain disorders. It can come around and harm the brain to the point where it will keep you from having the right brain functions you require in order to have a better life. This does not mean that you have to be a slave to STEP.

There is one component that can help stop STEP and reverse the impact of AD and that is known as TC-2153.

We do get the feeling that you might have some suspicions regarding something called TC-2153 is good for you. The fact is that this is actually a very effective and beneficial component that can really work wonders for you. But just what does this product do for your life at large?

TC-2153 is a drug compound that has been found to be effective when fighting against STEP.

It works in particular to control STEP and to inhibit its production so it will not be a major threat. If it controls STEP, then you should have an easier time with reversing the signs of Alzheimer's because you are going to have more space to help repair the damages that have come about in your brain as a result of Alzheimer's. The Yale School of Medicine made this massive discovery and a study about the compound was printed in the PLOS Biology journal. It was developed as a mean of trying to find a drug that can actually lower STEP levels in the brain and to keep the compound from developing. As you saw in the last chapter, STEP is a key component that will cause AD to develop as synapses will not be able to form within the brain as well as they are supposed to.

The Yale study found that TC-2153 has worked for test mice that have AD.

Many cognitive and motor skill tests were administered on these mice after they took TC-2153 and the mice all had much better scores on those than what they have had earlier. In many cases their scores were better than what the mice who did not have AD had in the first place, thus showing a potential that it will do more to remove the effects of STEP, than what many might have thought it would do in the first place. This particularly supports the belief that the brain is capable of repairing itself. The problem with the brain is that it can easily be damaged, but if you are able to maintain it well and keep STEP from being a threat, then the brain can help recover. As useful as it can be, the process of recovering over time can take a while. TC-2153 will make it much easier for you to actually recover and have a healthier brain. What makes this even more impressive is that the mice could learn new things after using TC-2153. The neurotransmitters that are required to help facilitate the movement of memory from the short-term to the long-term were fixed and became much easier to work with. As of this point, scientists have been working to see if this can work on larger animals. The goal is to figure out if it will work on humans. Needless to say, the traditional process of testing stuff like this often involves looking to see if the smallest mammals can handle it and then move onward up to the point where it works on humans. Naturally, there are plenty of debates over whether animals should be used for testing, but that is a totally different story in its own right. This is ideal and promising, but the fact is that the potential for it to go on the market is unclear. It is uncertain as to whether or not TC-2153 is going to be made available in some medication-based form; there is also that issue surrounding the ways different doctors are going to try and get as much money as possible off of AD medications and meetings at hospitals. However, as you will learn soon enough, there are many ways how you can acquire the components of TC-2153 in your daily routine. If you look at the next page, you will get a full idea of what the study is all about. This study has shown that there is a very realistic chance that Alzheimer's may be controlled if this works; while it might take years before we ever get any truly concrete answers, it is still a good aspect worth taking a closer look at with regards to keeping your life from being at risk of harm.
There are many good things to see about TC-2153. The best part of these is that you do not have to worry about the dangerous effects that may come with a medication.

It can all be used right if you make a few changes regarding dietary plans, as many foods and nutrients can give you the effects that TC-2153 is capable of providing you with. But first, let's talk about some of the components of TC-2153 and where they come from.

A good part of this will also entail a look at how certain components are needed in your diet in order to set off a chain reaction of events. These are to help with improving your potential to actually control STEP and reverse AD.

Trifluoromenthyl is the first point to see in TC-2153. This is a compound that is found in many drugs but it may be found in some synthesized natural fluorocarbon components. This clearly sounds confusing but it's easy to understand when broken down into plain English – it can be promoted in the body through a diet that is rich in carboxylic acids, components that are found in a number of foods with fruits being among the most prominent of them.

It may be seen in many fluorocarbon based materials. It is normally found in a number of medications and other drugs but being able to get fluorocarbon items will certainly be to your  benefit. While trifluoromenthyl may be a mouthful as it is, it could really be worth exploring as you take a look at what it does for the brain in order to prevent you from suffering from the many damages that may come about as a result of experiences with AD.

Carboxylic Acid
A critical point about trifluoromenthyl is that it can get into the body through the use of carboxylic acids. These are components that may be among the most essential materials that you could even have in a diet to help you control the progression of AD and to reverse it. Simply put, if you do not have enough carboxylic acids in your diet then the potential for you to get the trifluoromenthyl needed to adjust the effects of AD will decline in the beginning and eventually disappear. You have to place a big effort on a diet that is rich in carboxylic acid to improve your life. A carboxylic acid is a compound where a carbon atom is attached in a double bond with an oxygen atom. It also links to a hydroxyl group, or -OH, in one bond. A fourth bond will connect the carbon atom to the group. This is a type of acid that can be found in many different foods. In particular, it may be found in hydroxyl acids like lactic acid or citric acid.

These are components that will easily provide your body with carboxylic acid so you will get trifluoromenthyl moved in your body. Lactic and citric acids are clearly acids that are naturally found in dairy and food products like what you will see in the chart not too long from now. However, these are not the only places where such acids may be found in when it comes to your diet at large. You may also find carboxylic acid in many other useful acids including:
Acetic acid:
 It is typically found in vinegar and is simple in its design.

Salicylic acid:
 Known best for being used in acne medications, this comes from willow tree bark and can be used to preserve foods from damages.
Tannic acid:
 Also found in tree bark, tannic acid can be rather light in its tone.
Malic acid:
 While citric acids are found in many fruits, malic acid is in foods that have not ripened. A number of these acids are found in triglycerides that are typically in many fats and oils. This is what causes people to refer to them as fatty acids. In fact, a carboxylic acid can contain about 12 to 20 carbon atoms in order to be called fatty acids. Of course, some of these acids are not ones that you can easily consume. Many of them do have flaws, but will certainly be healthy if you use it the right way. An interesting part of these acids is that they may be found in a number of different foods.

While fruit and dairy products are clearly the best choices for you to stick with when finding ways to get your body to really have the best possible experience, there are many other types of foods and nutrients that you can use just as well. The key is to find products that are more likely to have these acids and to consume them on a regular basis while also making sure you are doing so in moderation so you will not become sick or desensitized to any of the materials that may be found in these foods. Here's a look at some of the foods that you can use in order to get the most out of your body.

Foods That Contain Carboxylic Acids:

Dairy Products

Swiss cheese 


Limburger cheese 



Various spices


Fermented pickles


Vinegar, preferably sour

Other whole milk products
If you engage in a diet that has plenty of these foods in mind then it should be rather easy for you to get more of the carboxylic acids that you need in order to get your brain to receive the TC-2153 that it needs. These foods are rather easy to find and can work wonders on your  body at large.

The fascinating point about carboxylic acids is that they are not going to be difficult for you to consume.
Of course, you might want to take a look at the odors that may come with some foods; they may be tough to those who are not too familiar with them.

In addition, you might want to take a look at how your body is able to manage dairy-based products.
While there are more than enough foods to help you out with getting carboxylic acid, make sure you keep yourself under control, so you will not be at risk of consuming more than what you can afford to handle at a given time.

Amine Hydrochloride
If you thought the last term that we went over with regards to TC-2153 was complicated then the second term is going to be even harder. Amine hydrochloride is a rather interesting component that has been found to be beneficial in the fight against AD. Amine hydrochlorides and benzyl alcohols, that are found in many fruits, can react with carboxylic acids and can also be promoted within the body through the use of iron nitrate, a component that is found in many foods. The amine hydrochlorides can be introduced in your organism by a sum of 100% natural products.

Benzyl alcohols

These are rather different, as they are aromatic alcohols that have slightly gentle odors and no colors. These are used as solvents and are not dangerous to the human body and can, therefore, be utilized as food preservatives. This is also a water-soluble compound. Benzyl alcohols are typically found in many topical ointments as a means of preserving their components as well. They can also be found in many foods like:
Green vegetables
Essential oils 

A good aspect of this is that the cholinergic and adrenergic neurotransmissions that are found in the brain will be much easier to facilitate. That is, synapses will be less likely to be blocked as neurotransmitters are able to move freely around the brain again. This is important considering how the neurotransmitters are required to regulate a number of different conditions and functions in your body. If it is used right and made with enough care, then you should have a rather easy time keeping your brain healthy. After all, you need to keep them all ready, so there will be no hassles out of whatever you might bear with when it comes to mental functions in your brain.
This is beneficial as it allows the promotion of TC-2153 in the brain. It works naturally and can certainly be of benefit to those who want to reverse AD.

So, let's take a quick recap for a moment:
You need benzyl alcohols, amine hydrochlorides and carboxylic acids to help control AD.
The amine hydrochloride products that you consume will be critical to preparing your body as needed.
Trifluoromenthyl will be introduced into your body when you use carboxylic acids.
The amine hydrochlorides and benzyl alcohols for your body will have to be supported through the use of iron nitrate.

This last part is the next one to talk about; as you will discover, iron nitrates can really be useful to your body, but only if you are capable of using them the right way and without hurting your body as they are being utilized.

Iron Nitrates
Iron nitrates are critical to the ability of your body to manage TC-2153. Iron nitrates will catalyze amine hydrochlorides and benzyl alcohols so they can actually work within the  brain. That is, iron nitrates have to be provided in your body to encourage a healthy flow of these components that work in the same way as TC-2153. Iron nitrates are chemical materials consisting of nitric acid and iron metal powder. This is designed for etching silver alloys in many jewelry applications, but it may also be used in your diet if you look for the right foods for taking care of your needs. In particular, iron nitrates are designed to where they will catalyze amine hydrochlorides and  benzyl alcohols. These will assist you in managing the components that have to be introduced into your body in order to allow TC-2153 to work for you without the use of medications. A great part of these iron nitrates is that they may work well with some other functions in your body. It will enhance your bloodstream by clearing out toxins. This can be ideal for when you are trying to get blood into the brain so cells and synapses can actually function.

In addition, iron nitrates will lower blood pressure and keep inflammation from being a threat. This is all designed to protect your body and prevent you from suffering from serious health issues while you are fighting against AD. These nitrates will keep the plaques that may develop in your brain from being a threat. It can control the plaques and make it so there are no problems coming with them, thus allowing the circulation to move forward in your brain without being a real threat to your life. The types of foods that you can use when getting iron nitrates in your body include some of the most important foods that you could ever eat in a typical day. While you will be more likely to get it out of vegetables, you can also fit it in many herbs and add on nutrients that you might be using when you are trying to prepare foods that you know will taste good and be appealing to the senses. These foods include the following:

Leafy Vegetables
Oak leaf lettuce 


Swiss chard 





Leaf lettuce 



Pretty good variety, isn't it? However, there are clearly some foods that are going to have higher totals of iron nitrates than others. These are foods that are designed to be rather easy for the body to benefit from, as they will contain more milligrams of nitrates for every 100 grams than what you'd get elsewhere. Try to surf on the Internet to find indexation of nitrate content in food products and make a closer look at what you can get out of nitrates.

A quick note: Try and go after organic versions of these foods if possible. It is simply to ensure that you will actually get the total amount of support you require out of nitrates. Also, make sure that you consume a moderate amount in order to keep your heart from acting up; you will learn later on in this guide about what you can do in order to get a proper moderate amount of nitrates to work in your diet, so you will continue staying healthy.

The Purpose Of It All
If there is one thing that has to be explored, it relates to just how you are able to get TC-2153 for the needs that you have when looking to reverse Alzheimer's. This is a real concern that can impact anyone, but the fact is that there are no real medications out there that offer TC-2153. Besides, the last thing that you would want to bear with would be medication that promises to work with your Alzheimer's needs in mind. The problem that comes with medications is that they are expensive and can be difficult to maintain in many cases. In addition, these medications may be very harmful. You might find that some medications that may be used to control the symptoms of Alzheimer's may cause issues relating to your heart, the digestive system and your skin among other things. Some may end up hurting your sleep cycles too. 

The side effects that come with these medications will vary based on the option you stick with. No matter what you get into, you might end up struggling to keep yourself healthy if you take medications. The fact that so many doctors will want you to take these medications as a means of getting more money off of you and drug companies will only make matters worse. What makes this even worse is that these medications are not going to actually do anything to cure you of Alzheimer's. 

They might make it so some symptoms of AD are not going to be as prevalent. However, they do nothing to actually reverse the course of the Alzheimer's condition as it moves along. It is a very difficult issue for life, but it is one that has to be understood as it could potentially be risky to your life at large. The purpose of this food program is to help you reverse the signs of Alzheimer's and to clear it out from your brain. It's not about medication; it is all about working with some changes in your life to make sure you have a better routine where you'll actually have the dietary and lifestyle adjustments needed to help you avoid the commonplace problems that often come with your life. This is to ensure that there are no problems involved with Alzheimer's. This is all done in the comfort of your own home. 

This twenty-one days cycle will cover information on everything you should be doing in order to enhance your ability to take care of Alzheimer's and reverse its development. There is a number of specific ingredients that you will need to add to your diet in order to make it all work; these products will be found a little bit later on in this chapter. So, we have put all the ingredients you need to use in for reversing AD in four large groups. There is also a number of specific food products which you cannot eat at all. More about that issue at the end of this document. 

You will be introduced to these groups and we will make a “salad” out of everything, taking one ingredient of each category, while we will let you know everything there is to know about serving sizes, timing, so that you know for sure what to eat to be on the right track, while aiming to regain your memory.

Here are the four large groups:

Group T (for Trifluoromethyl)
Group B (for Benzyl alcohols)
Group A, (for the Amine hydrochlorides)
Group C (for the Catalyst we have discovered)

These four groups could be treated as a new Bible, the Bible of the AD surviving hero!

Let’s see what foods they each include.
Group T (Trifluoromethyl)

As we already know, this compound occurs in pharmaceutical drugs, but is also synthesized from natural fluorocarbon based compounds. I can be induced through carboxylic acids, which are mostly found in fruits. There are several types of carboxylic acids that are widely found in nature. Acetic acid, for instance, is found in vinegar, and gives its sour taste. Vinegar is actually a sour wine. Acetic acid was discovered when bacteria reacted with wine and turned it sour. Tannic acid is found in the bark of several trees. It is used as a yellow or brown powder, which is highly soluble in water. Tannic acid is used for wool staining and cotton dyeing. Salicylic acid is derived from the bark of the willow tree. It’s mostly used in acne creams to reduce this condition’s effects. Also, it’s used as a food preservative. Its name derives from the Latin word “Salix”, which means willow.

 Citric acid is found mostly in citrus fruits. That tangy taste of oranges, lemons, limes and
other fruits is the citric acid. It’s largely used in foods and drinks, but also in some cleaning
solutions. Malic acid in sound in unripe fruits. Green apples contain a large amount of malic acid, so do plums, currants and a large variety of fruits.

Oxalic acid was originally derived from the wood sorrel plant named “Oxalis”. Now, it is
used in bleaching in cleansing solutions. Here is the list of the food products that form group T:
Salad dressings
Persimmons (mostly unripen, can be eaten raw or dried)
Apple cider
Green tea
Chocolate without trans fat
Cocoa powder
Red beans
Black-eyed peas


You now know exactly what the first group contains. There are many other food products in this group, however caution has to be applied when choosing products which have been treated with insecticides, pesticides and/or conservants. 
As you see, it’s a quite generous list, you have a lot of products to choose from and most of them are common and can be found in most grocery stores.

Group B (Benzyl Alcohol)

Chemistry defines benzyl alcohol as a solvent that, unlike most solvents, is not inflammable. In healthcare industry, 5% solution of benzyl alcohol is the concentration approved to be used for the treatment of head lice for adults and children over 6 months. 

Pharma industry uses this compound to preserve intravenous medications. As a solvent, it is used for inks, paints, epoxy resins and lacquers. Before the use of esters, it was used in several cosmetic products, including soaps. Photographic industry used it, mostly in the past, as a developer. 

Well, you are probably wondering why, after all these types of industrial usage, you are now being told to add benzyl to your diet. Amine hydrochlorides and benzyl alcohols react with carboxylic acids. This is actually our purpose! So, what you should note down from here is that you need to introduce or keep a normal ratio of amine hydrochlorides in your diet and to eat more benzyl alcohols. Here is a list you will find useful for benzyl alcohols:
Essential oils, like jasmine or ylang-ylang
Leafy green vegetables

Group A (Amine hydrochlorides)

You will get amine hydrochlorides by also mixing a few ingredients: hydrochloric acid, organic bases and nitrogen. 

Here are the lists for all three different subcategories! 

Hydrochloric acid:
Apple cider vinegar
Lemon juice
Black olive

Basic (alkaline foods):
Bell pepper
Wild Rice

Green tea
Egg plant
Green beans
Brussels sprouts

Collard greens

Nitrogen rich foods:
Pork (generally avoid larger quantities)
Green peas

Other naturally fermented milk products

In chemistry, these salts are resulting from the reaction of hydrochloric acid with an organic  base. It is by far the most frequently successfully used pharmaceutical salt. For instance, take pyridoxine hydrochloride that induces the metabolism of carbohydrates, protein and fats. It helps maintain the hormone balance in women, it prevents inflammation and ensures the normal functioning of the nervous system and hemoglobin production. 

Still, over-consumption of pyridoxine hydrochloride leads to sensory neuropathy in the arms and legs, with symptoms that include burning, freezing, tingling sensations. Do you know what its common name is ? It’s vitamin B6!
Don’t worry about having to remember endless list of products!
You will get schedules that will make things clear and easy to follow!
Group C (Catalyst)

The catalyst is that special something that keeps the things going. In our case, we already
discussed about the iron nitrate. Let’s have another look on what is recommended for the
daily diet:

Leaf lettuce
Spring greens
Beet greens

Oak leaf lettuce
Swiss chard
Beet juice
Chocolate made of Cocoa powder, Cocos fat and Stevia
Coffee from unrefined beans

The "Salad Bowl"

Now we have the lists. 

The attached pages are for you to print, if you need, so that you can take it to you as a shopping list. Put check marks for the products that you bought. Some of the ingredients are written with bold. That is for you to know that those ingredients are important due to their multiple roles in our process of getting cured.

In the following pages you will receive every day solutions. If you are not happy with our mixes, try one for yourself, since you already have the lists.

You have here below 21 suggested solutions for 21 days.

 Alice 1. 

2 ounces of grapes from Group T 2. 
4 ounces of lettuce from Group B 3. 
1 ounce of apples, 1 ounce of peaches and 1 glass of Kefir from Group A 4. 
1 ounce home made chocolate (75% cocoa powder, cocos fat, water and Stevia) from Group C.

Eat/drink all the ingredients within a 15 minute time period
between 6 and 8 o’clock in the evening.

Beth 1. 

2 ounces of cherries from Group T 2. 
4 ounces raspberries from Group B 3. 
1 ounce of apples, 1 ounce of black-berries and 1 once of nuts from Group A 4.
1 ounce of rhubarb from Group C.

Eat all the ingredients within a 15 minute time period between 6 and 8 o’clock in the evening.

Candice 1. 

2 ounces of tomatoes from Group T 2. 
4 ounces carrots from Group B 3. 
1 ounce black olives, 1 ounce of bell peppers and 1 ounce of fresh spinach from Group A 4.
1 ounce of butter leaf lettuce from Group C.

Eat all the ingredients within a 15 minute time period between 6 and 8 o’clock in the evening. You can
actually mix them together in a ball and serve them as salad. 

Doris 1. 

2 ounces pickles (cucumbers) from Group T 2. 
4 ounces of grated beets from Group B 3. 
1 ounce of celery, 1 ounce of mushrooms and 4 ounces of roasted beef from Group A 4. 
1 ounce of oak leaf lettuce from Group C.

Eat all the ingredients within a 15 minute time period between 6 and 8 o’clock in the evening. This is a
 good idea for a stake, served with side dish. 

Edna 1. 

2 ounces of blueberries from Group T 2. 
4 ounces of grated carrots from Group B 3. 
1 ounce of apples, 1 ounce of grapefruits, 1 boiled egg from Group A 4. 
1 ounce of cilantro from Group C.

Eat all the ingredients within a 15 minute time period between 6 and 8 o’clock in the evening. This mix is rather peculiar. If you don’t like grapefruits replace them with some other item in that group

Fiona 1. 

2 ounces oranges from Group T 2. 
4 ounces of raspberries from Group B 3. 
1 ounce of apples, 1 ounce of blueberries and 1 cup of Kefir from Group A 4. 
1 cup of strong natural coffee from Group C. 

Eat/drink all the ingredients within a 15 minute time period
between 10 and 11:30 o’clock in the morning. 

Gertrude 1. 

2 ounces of home made chocolate (75% cocoa powder, cocos fat, water and Stevia) from Group T 2. 
4 ounces of raspberries from Group B 3. 
1 ounce (2 tablespoons) of lemon juice, 1 ounce of almonds and 1 ounce of nuts from Group A 4. 
1 ounce of arugula from Group C.

Eat all the ingredients within a 15 minute time period between 6 and 8 o’clock in the evening.

Helen 1. 

2 ounces of apples from Group T 2. 
4 ounces of grated beets from Group B 3. 
1 ounce of apples (again!), 1 ounce of cherries and 1 cup of Kefir from Group A 4. 
1 glass of beet juice from Group C.

Eat/drink all the ingredients within a 15 minute time period between 6 and 8 o’clock in the evening.
Did you know beet juice can temporarily lower blood pressure? It also helps you fight cancer and relaxes blood vessels.

Ines 1. 

2 ounces of boiled red beans from Group T 2. 
4 ounces lettuce from Group B 3. 
1 ounce of fresh spinach, 1 ounce of lettuce (again!) and 1 ounce of roasted pork from Group A 4. 
1 cup of strong coffee from Group C.

Eat/drink all the ingredients within a 15 minute time period between 10 and 11:30 o’clock in the morning. This one can actually be delicious. The Mexican beans with a fresh salad and a strong coffee in the
end… will surely make you love your regimen. Take this recipe for the morning, so that coffee won’t affect your sleeping schedule.

Julie 1. 

2 ounces of  cranberries(preferably fresh or dry without sugar) from Group T 2. 
4 ounces of raspberries from Group B 3. 
1 ounce of celery, 1 ounce of boiled broccoli and 1 ounce of boiled cauliflower from Group A 4. 
1 ounce of spinach from Group C.

Eat all the ingredients within a 15 minute time period between 6 and 8 o’clock in the evening.

Karen 1.
2 ounces of cranberries from Group T 2. 
4 ounces of raspberries from Group B 3. 
1 ounce of apples, 1 ounce of cherries and 1 cup of Kefir from Group A 4. 
1 ounce of home made chocolate (75% cocoa powder, cocos fat, water and Stevia) from Group C. 

Eat all the ingredients within a 15 minute time period between
6 and 8 o’clock in the evening.

Laura 1. 

2 ounces of black-berries from Group T 2. 
4 ounces carrots from Group B 3. 
1 ounce of celery, 1 broccoli, 1 fried turkey or chicken from Group A 4. 
1 ounce butter leaf lettuce from Group C. 

Eat all the ingredients within a 15 minute time period between 6 and 8 o’clock in the evening.

Madeline 1. 

1 glass of cocoa drink from Group T 2. 
4 ounces of lettuce from Group B 3. 
1 ounce of fresh spinach, 1 ounce of boiled wild rice and 1 ounce of roasted chicken from Group A 4. 
1 ounce of fresh Swiss chard from Group C.

Eat all the ingredients within a 15 minute time period between 6 and 8 o’clock in the evening.

Nora 1. 

2 ounces of lettuce from Group T 2. 
4 ounces of carrots from Group B 3. 
1 ounce of fresh spinach, 1 ounce of grated radish and 1 ounce of fresh spinach from Group A 4. 
1 ounce of butter leaf lettuce from Group C.

Eat all the ingredients within a 15 minute time period between 6 and 8 o’clock in the evening. These
could make a tasty, healthy, vegetarian salad.

Ophelia 1. 

2 ounces of lime or lime juice from Group T 2. 
1 large tea (tea leaves infusion), served in a pint from Group B 3. 
1 ounce of black olives from, 1 ounce of broccoli and 1 ounce of boiled asparagus from Group A 4. 
1 ounce raspberries from Group C. 

Eat/drink all the ingredients within a 15 minute time period between 6 and 8 o’clock in the evening.
You can use the lime juice in the tea. 

Penelope 1. 

2 ounces of tomatoes from Group T 2. 
4 ounces of carrots from Group B 3. 
1 ounce of celery, 1 ounce of onion and 1 ounce of green peas from Group A 4. 
1 ounce of smoked salmon from Group C.

Eat all the ingredients within a 15 minute time period between 6 and 8 o’clock in the evening.

Rachel 1. 

1 glass of apple cider with apple vinegar from Group T 2. 
4 ounces of raspberries from Group B 3. 
1 ounce of apples, 1 ounce of blueberries, 1 ounce of sardines from Group A 4. 
1 ounce of home made chocolate (75% cocoa powder, cocos fat, water and stevia) from Group C.

Eat all the ingredients within a 15 minute time period between 6 and 8 o’clock in the evening.

Sandy 1. 

2 ounces of lettuce from Group T 2. 
4 ounces of lettuce (again!) Group B 3. 
1 ounce of celery, 1 ounce of carrots, 1 ounce of roasted duck from Group A 4. 
1 ounce of fresh spinach from Group C.

 Eat all the ingredients within a 15 minute time period between 6 and
8 o’clock in the evening. This is going to be a green salad, with lots of lettuce. 

Thelma 1. 

1 glass of rhubarb juice from Group T 2. 
4 ounces grated beets from Group B 3. 
1 ounce of fresh spinach, 1 ounce of Brussels sprout, 1 boiled egg from Group A 4. 
1 ounce of salmon from Group C.

Eat/drink all the ingredients within a 15 minute time period between 6 and 8 o’clock in the evening.

Ursula 1. 

2 ounces of tomatoes from Group T 2. 
4 ounces of raspberries from Group B 3. 
1 ounce of apples, 1 ounce of pears and 1 ounce of oats from Group A 4. 
1 ounce of oak leaf lettuce from Group C.

Eat/drink all the ingredients within a 15 minute time period between 6 and 8 o’clock in the evening.

Veronique 1. 

1 glass of apple cider with apple vinegar from Group T 2. 
4 ounces of lettuce from Group B 3. 
1 ounce of apples, 1 ounce of fresh blueberries and 1 boiled egg from Group A 4. 
1 ounce of beet greens from Group C.

Eat/drink all the ingredients within a 15 minute time period between 6 and 8 o’clock in the evening.
Question no 1: 

Can I make my own “salads” according to the ingredients I like most or to avoid the
ones I am allergic to?


Sure you can! What you have to remember, in order to make your own daily doses
of fresh magic “salad” is the minimum amounts you need to use.

So, pay close attention to the following example: 

Group T: 

2 ounces of different products from the list, 1 glass of lime juice, 1 glass of apple cider mixed with apple vinegar, 1 glass of rhubarb juice, 1 glass of fresh mixed tomato juice; 

Group B:

4 ounces of different products from the list, 1 large glass (pint) of tea leaves infusion; 

Group A: 

1 ounce of every ingredient, 1 glass of Kefir, 1 cup of sour milk, 1 medium seize boiled egg; 

Group C: 

1 ounce of each ingredient, 1 cup of strong coffee, 1 glass of beet juice.

Question no 2:

What is the schedule for taking the “salad” mix?


It is recommended to eat/drink the ingredients within 15 minutes, between 6 and 8 pm. If one of the ingredients is coffee, you would better move your diet in the morning,
between 10 and 11:30 am. It is better for you to eat the “super - salad” in the evening, because you will go to bed in a few hours after and your organism will work in your advantage while you sleep. Nevertheless, this type of diet proved to be efficient with coffee, during the morning. Your sleep is important; you need to sleep, since your nervous system is resting, your sleep will protect it and encourage its recovery. 

Question no 3: 

What if I want to eat more of the recommended ingredients?


Keep the proportions between the ingredients and eat more if you want. The amounts given above are the minimum quantities that will make this plan work. The above suggested list for your 21 days will help you remember where you were in your program. Write down all the details of each day and put a check-mark when you completed a day. This tool can be useful for you if you want to schedule a diet in advance, for several days. 

Example: Day: 1 

Name: Alice 
Group T 2 ounces of grapes 
Group B 4 ounces of lettuce 
Group A 1 ounce apples 1 ounce peaches 1 glass milk 
Group C 1 ounce home made chocolate (75% cocoa powder, cocos fat, water and stevia).

Why Is Sleep Important?

Sleep is critical as being able to get into a greater deal of sleep on a typical night will help you actually get your memory intact. This is because REM sleep can help enhance your memory  by securing many of the synapses you might have created during the day.

In fact, if you do not get the sleep you require, then you will certainly struggle over time. Sleep deprivation is known to cause issues with your memory. Meanwhile, those who do get about eight hours of sleep in a night, as it is recommended, will be more likely to develop new memories and retain what they have learned. 

Specifically, REM sleep is capable of promoting a healthy sense of procedural memory. In addition, the lighter stages of sleep can also help you maintain your memory regarding the specific motions for recollection that you need. You may recall things like physical motions that you have to use for certain tasks or jobs, things you recalled during the day or anything that you are trying to study. Think of it this way. If you tried to stay up all night to take care of a large project, then you might end up forgetting some important details on that project because you were too busy trying to get your brain to stay functional for the whole thing. This can really become a  burden if it is not done right.

Fortunately, there are studies that suggest sleep can help you maintain your memory and keep it as sharp as possible.

One such study comes from the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. This specific study has found in particular that if you sleep for enough time, then you will have a much easier sense of control with getting your memory to improve. The center states that those who do sleep properly and those who get power naps for about thirty minutes in a day are more likely than others to have better test scores and to recall things that they might have been told in the past. 

It really does make for a fascinating point for why it is so important for you to get that sleep you require. To get a proper understanding of just what makes it so essential, you need to think about how sleep can work. The stages of sleep are all essential with regards to making sure that you are capable of getting the energy you require for a better life in general.

When to Sleep?
There are specific times in the day when you need to get sleep and also times when a good thirty-minute nap can help. Here's a look at what you need to do if you want to have the best possible sleep that you could ever ask for:
Get to bed at around 10:30 to 11 at night. This is a good time of the day because it makes it so you will get up at a sensible time in the morning while still getting the proper amount of sleep.
Wake up at some point between 6:30 to 8 in the morning. This will provide you with eight hours of sleep or even more if necessary.
You may wish to stay asleep after 8 if you are sick for any reason. It is better to stay in  bed if you are ill because it allows you time to recover. Also, it might be tough for you to get things done if you are ill while you are awake. If you are sick while you are awake, then you may be sluggish and bothersome to others. This is especially if you have some kind of a contagious condition. You will need to control yourself to ensure that nothing wrong will happen.
A good 30-minute nap may be used in the afternoon. Taking your nap at some point  between 2:30 and 4 in the afternoon will be an ideal time to consider. The concept of that power nap is important – it is designed to help you make it through the rest of the day. Your body may become worn out after a morning of whatever you do but if you are able to give yourself a few minutes in the day to lie down and relax then you will certainly get your body to feel a little better at large. More importantly, you need to be sure that you avoid spending more than thirty minutes in a nap.

 Thirty minutes is often good enough to provide your body with the recovery you desire. In addition, if you spend too much time napping, you will not only lose time for your day, but you will not get any further benefit. In fact, you might find that it will be easier for you to tire yourself out if you spend far too much time sleeping during the day.

Be More Mentally Active!

It always helps to be a little more mentally active in order to improve your chances of having a good lifestyle. If you are mentally active, then you will stimulate your brain properly and encourage a series of healthy routines. Consider crossword puzzles in your local newspaper or reading more paper books, for instance. Anything that encourages a sense of mental activity is always going to be welcome and interesting. You should certainly consider this if you want to find a way to strengthen the connections in your brain to enhance your life in general. Having a good lifestyle and routine is important to consider when it comes to having a better life. You need to be certain that you can exercise properly and have that lifestyle you desire so you will recover and reverse the issues that come with AD.

Depression Is a Concern

One other aspect about Alzheimer's is that many people worry about how depression could  be a real threat. Depression has been known to be a critical sign of Alzheimer's. However, it is not fully clear as to whether or not depression is going to be a cause of Alzheimer's. In fact, the link between these two conditions is not fully clear; however, one thing that is for certain is that you will end up being mildly depressed most of the time. On a related note, another myth comes from how people with AD tend to become suicidal as it progresses.

There have been very little reports of anyone who has AD becoming suicidal as these cases tend to be rather rare. Still, it is essential to be aware of how your mind could put you in jeopardy.
Don't Worry; Always Be Calm
The last thing that you should do is to think about what could happen when you have Alzheimer's. It is completely understandable for you to be nervous and worried about what you may be getting into.

However, if you are calm and relaxed then it may be easier for you to last through this problem as you work to reverse it.

 You will not have to worry about Alzheimer's if you follow the things that were covered in this guide. Still, be aware that the solutions you have read about are not going to work for you overnight. You need to be calm and patient; do not try and rush your way into stopping Alzheimer's. The problem with trying to pressure yourself too much and rushing things is that you will end up doing it the wrong way; you might try and create short cuts or change certain ways the way you act, but this is only going to cause you even more you. Be patient for a change and you will see actual results that you can feel comfortable with. If you are not patient and you try to get through things way too quickly, then you are going to end up hurting your life in general. Just watch what you do and you will find that your mind will not be at risk of serious problems.

Don't Go At It Alone; Ask For Help
You can always ask for help from other people if needed. Getting help from others will always be a good idea to think about as you will have the support of people who really care about you and want to do whatever they can to reverse the issues that come with Alzheimer's. You can always get in touch with family and friends to help you out. These people are ones that will certainly know what you should do and will give you good resources as needed. 

In fact, you may find that those who are there to help you can forward you to different places and professionals that may give you some good ideas for your needs. Just make sure you avoid anyone that tries to offer medications as a means of fixing your problems. Specialized institutions may also help you with taking care of your life. You may find that an assisted living center may help you prepare a diet and do your exercise routine that can assist you in getting your brain to stay healthy and to reverse AD. This is not like a nursing home; rather, it is a place for people who need some help with everyday living, but do not have round-the-clock requirements. Don't ever think that you can do this alone. As useful as the instructions in this book are, you need to be fully aware of what you can do in order to fix this problem on your own. If you understand what you can do, then you should not have much difficulty with getting Alzheimer's to become a thing of the past in your life.

More importantly, thinking that you can take care of this point in your life on your own is not a safe thing for you to think about. If you think more about what you can do if you get a little  bit of help from other people, then you will actually get the benefits that come with living your life with a little more control and support. Make sure you think about how other people are going to be of use to you and don't just think that nothing is going to be a hassle.


Alzheimer's can be a very difficult condition to bear with. You know that the effects of Alzheimer's can be very dangerous and can really ruin your life in general. It is a condition that is tragic and upsetting, but it can cause you to lose your memory and the ability to handle your life on your own. This does not mean that you have to stick with this diagnosis. You can always find a smart way to reverse Alzheimer's, so you will have a healthy and positive lifestyle for years to come. This guide has taught you all sorts of great things that you can do in order to improve your life and you may be surprised to see what you will get out of it all when you are done. 

The fact is, you don't have to use lots of prescription drugs to control the signs of AD or to stop it from progressing. The problem with all those medications is that they are not going to be all that safe for you to use. In addition, doctors are just going to give them to you as a means of getting money. You have to use a special routine to reverse Alzheimer's. Don't ever believe anyone who says that if you get AD, you will have it for the rest of your life; the fact is that STEP can be curbed if you know how to take care of it the right way. The use of the right compound can help but getting a diet that works with the individual segments of that component in mind will really be the key to having a healthy and safe life. It will keep the plaques in your brain from being a threat while ensuring that normal chemical production can be supported as needed. 

Make sure you take a look at a healthy diet that is rich in the right foods including ones that have iron nitrates. These foods will help you out in the long run with reversing AD. In addition, having a good exercise program while training your brain on a regular basis may also help. Being able to get a sensible amount of sleep each night will especially be essential to think about.

Don't ever think that you can go after whatever it is you want to do on your own. The problem with working on your own is that you might not get the encouragement and support you need. It is amazing to see how you can enjoy some support from others when you work hard enough and get some assistance. Remember, if you work hard towards your goal of eliminating AD from your life, then you will certainly get there. 

After all, the last thing that you would want to bear with is having significant difficulties with recalling information and keeping your mind as healthy and active as possible. Don't ever assume a diagnosis is the end, because it could just be the  beginning of giving yourself a better life that you know you will be comfortable and happy with. And, besides, many medical condition can be reversed if you work hard enough. If people can find cures for mysterious and aggressive conditions like Ebola, then it should not be all that hard to cure AD. 

Unfortunately, the greed that comes with the scientific and pharmaceutical industries will make it so the odds of such a cure coming out may not be all that great. That's why it is such a great idea to use the points that you will have in this guide in order to reverse the effects of AD in your life by your own efforts. Just think, everything that scientists are holding back for monetary purposes is available for you to use already now. The last thing you want to do is to be closed-minded about what you can do. Alzheimer's can  be overcome if you just take a look at what is in this guide and how you can benefit from it.

Avoiding medications for the treatment of AD is clearly the best thing for you to do.

Unfortunately, our world is not that ideal as we think. Most of the fresh vegetables bought over the counter which we intend to eat have been harvested weeks, or even, months ago before they reach your home. Science of today knows how to manipulate all those greens you are looking at, making you believe they were harvested only a few days ago. Most likely, most of the nutritious effects are already gone when you eat them. In order to keep up with our recommendations, you most likely will have to top up with nutritious supplements.

As a basis for your future food habits we recommend that you follow Dr. Fuhrman's recommendations, simply called G-BOMBS, standing for GREENS, BEANS, ONIONS, MUSHROOMS, BERRIES and SEEDS (mainly tree-grown nuts). 

Here, below, you find a few words of needed supplements in order to keep up with the minimum doses of the TC 2153 cure we are recommending.

It should be noted that the following 7 daily intakes of crucial supplements are also a must:     

3-10 x 1000 mg pure Vitamin C (no carcinogenic effervescent  Vitamin C tablets allowed) with, at least, sustained release for the evening meal. 

3-5 x 200-500 mg of mixed chelated and non-chelated Magnesium. B6 additives in Magnesium, if any, only once per day.

2 x 10 mg Vinpocetine

2 x 2000 mcg B12 in the form Methylcobalamin

2 x 30-60 mg of Iron supplement

3 x 15 mcg of Folic Acid

Iodine in alcohol, daily and before sleep, smoothly applied on the skin in one layer in front of and behind your ears (avoid applying on the ears) as long as no brown stain remains on the skin the following morning this procedure ought to be repeated each day. If brownish stain remains in the morning, then apply this described procedure each second, third or fourth day until the stain remains more or less permanently. Then either apply once weekly or monthly as long as no stain appears in the morning during the following day. For cancer patients a daily procedure has to be maintained, no matter if stain is left or not. It is crucial that your body if filled up with iodine in order to push out excess amounts of other halogenic content, like fluor, choloride and bromide. One of the reasons why this is so important for curing AD is that the Trifluoromenthyl cure will not work if your body is already full of fluor instead of iodine.  

As regards other nutritious add-ons to the above described diet (and always eaten together with other food products), we also recommend the following supplements:

A full variety of carotenoid anti/oxidants and anti-inflammatory natural herb additives such as Lutein, Zeaxanthin, Astaxanthin, Canthaxanthin, Ginkgo-Biloba, Resveratrol, Pycnogenol, Q10,  Astragalus, Fuciodan, Ecklonia Kava, Basic Vita-Mineral supplements, Selenium, Vitamin E, Turmeric/Curcuma, Ginger, Pepper, Cinnamon, Cardamon, Chili and all other available local and imported hot spices.

Now, at the end, the most difficult thing:


It is prohibited to eat any food made from wheat or any other modern agricultural cereals, soya (only Japanese fermented soya), rice, corn, starch, sugar and refined salt. All other non-GMOed cereals need to be reduced to a bare minimum.  
It is also prohibited to eat any food made from Canola/Rape oil, Soya Lecithin emulsions, trans-fats of any kind, also to avoid any other oil grown on fields, ONLY USE 100% COCOS FAT, BUTTER AND 100% COLD-PRESSED PURE OLIVE OIL.
You cannot eat any food which contains artificial/synthetic preservatives.


4. CONSUME A LOT OF HOME MADE CHOCOLATE (75% cocoa powder, cocos fat, water/milk and Stevia) OR JUST EAT IT AS A CHOCOLATE SAUCE.

Visit Holistic Medical Doctors in order to get help analyzing blood tests at least 4 times per year. Be prepared to take daily Heparin injections during a month or so in order to speed up the rehabilitation process.


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