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The Commercial issues of the common western medical treatment methods have become the most important, even jeopardizing the health of the patients. The US Scientific American and Lifeextension magazines estimated already in 2013 that 210.000 patient, i.e. 270 per day dies due to wrong drug medication and other wrong medical treatment. Today this number is above 250.000 per year!!! Furthermore, beyond death due to wrong medication and treatment, the total amount of death due to, so called, Iatrogenic Illness (death caused by the "properly" prescribed medication and treatment in accordance with established recommendations) were already in 2001 stunning- 783.936!! This has to be compared with 553.251 persons who died in Cancer and 699.697 persons in Cardiovascular Diseases that same year. The summary of these statistical numbers shows that the leading cause of death in the US already in 2001 was caused by "medication and treatment"!!

You might think this cannot be true, but, sorry to say, these are the documented results of the, so called, western health care system.

If you think about it, the whole health care chain is out for profits, starting from medical doctors, medical care centers, laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, rehabilitation centers, hospitals, local township organizations, county administrations, state and federal administrations. All are out there chasing to get a bit of the cake when someone will get into health problems.

What can be done to turn this trend? Well, it is not going to be easy because since the times of Adam and Eve, when she got tempted by the God of Mammon to eat from the tree carrying easily digested carbohydrate fruits, we have ever since then had two Gods which we have been confessing to: The God we confess to as the only existing almighty God in the Church/Synagogue/Mosque on Sundays/Saturdays/Fridays and the other God we live to, being the God of Mammon having its temple in the form of a Supermarket where we show our worship in the form of happily buying and eating all that poisonous crap which is only produced for one single reason - Money!!! believes that in spreading information about these issues, we might save a few lives which today are lost due to this ongoing horror. We will try to keep you informed about old and new ways how to escape from this deadly ever-going trap. 10 commandments giving you 90% self-cure is not engaged in direct curing of patients. We will start a certification process of remote/distant medical self-cure providers later next year. For time being we just issue recommendations.

As a short summary of the whole idea about future health care, it is obvious that the current health care system is bound to disappear. 

We will, in the future, get most of our health care via the Internet. More and more scientists are leaning towards the believe that what earlier, over six thousand years before the commercialization of the western medical care, used to be the main stream of health care, will come back, but now based upon the Quantum Medicine technology.

It is clear that health care is just a matter of masterminding energy and to harmonize relationships of energy.

Many of us have watched Star Trek movies and laughed about plugging in a cable to your body and after a while you are cured. Probably, it will take some time before that type of curing is real, but science fiction, very often, shows us that what is a fairy-tale today often becomes true tomorrow. Now that technology is here via the Quantum Medicine, however not so sophisticated as in the Star Trek movies.

We recommend the following 10 commandments as a base for your self-cure:

  1. Stop eating all easily digested carbohydrates.
  2. Stop eating all fast and ready manufactured food.
  3. Stop eating all food with stimulants, con-servants, pesticides and heavy metals.
  4. Only drink lots of water, no alcohol, juice, coffee or tea.
  5. Only use lots of cocoa fat, cold-pressed olive oil, animal fat and butter.
  6. Take lacking minerals, vitamins, co-enzymes, kefir and apple cider vinaigrette as supplements.
  7. Work with Quantum Medicine service providers offering home services in order to have frequent hands-on health information.
  8. Always see to that all diagnosis & therapies are assigned by a recommended Medical Doctor.
  9. Do not buy and use any other composed supplements, synthetic drugs or para-medical services without assignation by a recommended Medical Doctor.
  10. Walk 30 minutes each day in speedy tempo and always think positive.

You might find these 10 points ridiculous, chocking or just stupid.

Science proves us that more than 90%* of all diseases and illnesses, yes, you heard it right, 90%*, are disappearing after implementing the above 10 commandments.

There is a vast amount of scientific material, in the form of experiments, laboratory tests, clinical tests and practical use of this simple method showing flawless results. We hope to continuously be able to feed you with more information in these areas during the coming months. For time being, please follow and read already now published information material in our news portal.

*Conducted laboratory and clinical tests performed in Australia, China, Europe, South Africa and the USA have repeatedly demonstrated that the exclusion of easily digested carbohydrates and following, more or less (there are different basic food habits in different countries), the specific advise given here above is flawlessly rehabilitating more than 90% of those groups which have fully complied with these 10 recommendations. Furthermore, another 5% are cured when additional supplements, natural moderators, polysaccharides, waran, b-blockers and anti-oxidants are added to those 10 recommendations. A similar test group in Poland with hundreds of patients gave astonishing 97% of cured patients complying with these rules!

See this latest report from June 26, 2016: Neurological system regeneration by eliminating easy to digest carbohydrates and supplementing minerals, vitamins and co-enzymes. Dr. Jan Sliwinski, Dr.Ruslan Zakrutnyi, etc.