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Well re-trained Medical Doctors and other Medical Staff are a must in this new 21st century CyberDoktor era....

Generally each western medical doctor education consists of less than one week of combined nutrition physiology information. Medical doctors have generally very weak knowledge about the basic energy intake functioning and needs of our bodies. Humans are just a bunch of energy cells coordinated and supervised by our brains which, under our life time, "borrows" our minds from the Universe in order to efficiently administrate its approx. 700 trillion cells.

This part of supplying the right "energy" to Homo Sapiens has been something medical doctors consider as secondary, rather they think it is important to take care of symptoms so the patient can walk out without pain. While we do the opposite with animals, we cure the reasons of possible health malfunctions in animal husbandry and do not really care if our animals temporary have pain, knowing that if we cure these animals, the pain will go away.

In human medicine we call this Holistic Medicine. How come we do not want to cure our fellow citizens, when we, easily, do it with animals? Well, could it be that economically it pays for the health care givers to cure their animals because sick animals means no money in animal husbandry production, while in the case of homo sapiens, for the health care giver (rather seller) this means no money anymore if the patient is suddenly cured?

Such an insinuation might sound cruel and unfair, but how to explain these facts?? We have learned from childhood that we must grow up and learn to earn our own money. All our lives are covered with efficiency thinking in terms of money. If a hospital says that this is not true, then they are not honest, all is dependent on money. Even the most noble and human hospital has got an economical department which makes up plans and budgets. If the hospital crew will ignore these plans and budgets and only think about the best for their patients, soon someone else will get that job position. The truth is brutal, nobody earns any money on healthy patients!!

No sick patients and all wheels in the western health care systems stop running. Also, if people are healthy and live too long, increased retirement costs are going to bankrupt whole nations. With other words we are sitting in a fox-trap, healthy people means no health care business and bankrupt nations.

In spite of this, there are people today who have found out, what Homo Sapiens knew more than 6.000 years ago: YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT!!

The escalating health complications are now coming to such a level that ordinary people start to understand that something is wrong. They go to their "western style" medical doctor and ask for advise. Unfortunately modern "western style" medical doctors have no clue of nor holistic medicine or nutrition physiology. The competition between medical services is nowadays fierce. In the future when patients start to understand that you are what you eat rather than trusting the drugs prescribed by the "western style" medical doctor, he will loose out against competing well-trained holistic thinking medical doctors. sees its obligation to inform and train medical doctors and other health care practitioners to cope with these "new" issues. Please, follow our free monthly service of published news articles and participate in our training seminars covering new, profitable and innovative health self-cure solutions and we are one step forward in this jungle labyrinth of multiple dead-end paths.

Your best medical doctor is your own brain, assisting you 24 hours per day in "Cure it Yourself".