About us

CyberDoktor.org is a NPO (non-profit organization) and an ISSN/ISBN registered news and information portal in the US. We are basically focused on the 21st Century new achievements in medical care which supports self-cure in all its forms and locations.

Our base of knowledge mainly comes from latest research and findings by Prof. Bruce Lipton and other quantum physics scientists, space medical science, nutrition science, practical implementation experiences achieved by Large Hadron Collider, Cern, Switzerland, NASA Research Park, Moffett Field, USA, Institute of Practical Psychophysics, Omsk, Russia, The Institute for Quantum Computing, Waterloo, Belgium, China National Space Administration (CNSA), Dongfeng, China, China's Space Medical Institute, Dongfeng, China.

Once it became clear that old theories like the Newton Laws and the Einstein Relativity Theories became obsolete thanks to research achievements within the Quantum Physics and Mechanics Theory fields, a piece of a new world has been explored. These new achievements have been known for at least 20 years and also partly been implemented within medical care, mainly as classified military and space research. The first implementations have taken place within the three "big" space nations, namely the US, Russia and China.

Since a few years it has been popular to use parts of these technologies to develop a variety of equipment for mainly private and personal use in diagnose & therapy of health conditions.

Unfortunately, the professional medical world and especially the big pharmaceutical companies have so far turned its back to these new technologies and rather tried to slander them, thus trying to give an impression of that it is humbug, etc..

Many medical doctors, nutritionists and other health care practitioners who have been involved in the research of these new technologies have been aware of that this is the future of the general health care.

When new achievements in scientific research have proven that the existing commercial health care has been proven to be unsuccessful and even causing damages to patients, more and more medical doctors have started to implement a more traditional holistic treatment philosophy in order to help patients "Cure it Yourself".

This frustration of finding people's health being manipulated by commercial interests has created a need of getting the word of self-cure out to the public and fellow medical practitioners.

Therefore CyberDoktor.org was formed by a group of Medical Doctors and Ph. D. scientists in order to get the word of self-cure out, based upon 21st Century new virtual world technologies, enabling them to instantly interact with their patients, wherever they are, in order to assist them to "Cure it Yourself".

While introducing this new knowledge and following practical achievements, it was found by us that not only written information in a news portal will be sufficient in order to inform all concerned. Therefore CyberDoktor.org has also initiated the development of theoretical and practical implementation seminars, at this time, in the US and the European Union.

We have found that the basic knowledge of how the human body really functions and what is needed in form of nutrition and supplementing minerals, vitamins and coenzymes is extremely low, as well among medical practitioners as patients.

It seems as thousands of years of knowledge and experience within the health care fields have totally blown away in the minds of all people as a result of sophisticated commercial exploitation of the present mankind.

We are committed to do our best in order to get our messages out, to be the 21st Century health care whistle-blowers, to be the leaders in restructuring health care to the benefits of the patients and not to the benefits of commercial interests only.

We hope our engagements in these fields of activities will help you to find your own way to "Cure it Yourself"!

Chief editor team