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Medicine in the Future

"As there are so many amazing things going on worldwide in medicine and healthcare, a shortlist of some of the greatest ideas and developments would give us a glimpse into the future of medicine.

It is always a challenge to detect the projects with the biggest potential to be used in everyday medical practices, but here are the most promising candidates for fulfilling this notion."

"Medicine in the Future" source

Cosmic Radiation And Light Changes DNA

"DNA is essential to any scientific understanding of life. One strand of the double-helix holds the complete code that is needed to clone an entire organism. 

The process of DNA formation is one that is now up for debate, as the fundamentals of quantum physics aim to explain how DNA begins as a wave-form rather than a molecule."

"Cosmic Radiation And Light Changes DNA" source

Towards the Millennium of Cybermedicine

The evolution of the 'information age' in medicine is mirrored in the exponential growth of medical webpages, increasing number of online databases, and expanding services and publications available on the Internet. The handful of computers linked by the predecessor of the Internet in 1969 has grown to more than 5 million websites today, of which at least 100,000 have health-related content.

"Towards the Millennium of Cybermedicine" source