The Mystery of “Quantum Resonance Spectroscopy”

"Can quantum physics help to diagnose schizophrenia and depression?

A paper just published in the Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease claims that a technique called ‘quantum resonance spectroscopy’ (QRS) can accurately diagnose various mental health problems. But is it quantum wizardry or magic quackery?"

"The Mystery of “Quantum Resonance Spectroscopy”" source

"According to the authors of the new paper, Zhang et al from Xi’an in China, QRS was able to measure symptoms like anxiety, irritability, depression, and psychosis. In a large sample of patients, the accuracy was high: compared to psychiatrist’s ratings of the patients symptoms, QRS agreed with kappa correlation values of over 0.65.

That’s an impressive performance, given that two psychiatrists rarely agree about a patient’s diagnosis as well as that."