Quantum Resonance Spectrometer

"This system from Japan assists any doctor or a practitioner to get more detailed information about the functioning of your body systems and organs. Quantum Resonance Spectrometer (QRS) is the first to be introduced in USA. With just a small amount of hair, the device gives elaborate analysis of such health conditions as Cancer, Diabetes, Arthritis, Cardiovascular Disease, Allergy, Headache, Emotional and Mental Blockages, and much more.Cancer, Heart Disease, Allergy,Hormone imbalance, Mineral deficiency, Emotion blockages, Vitamin deficiency, Heavy metals, Weight problems, Lympathic System, Eye/Ears/Nose, Skin, Respiratory System, Spine, Central Nervous System, Peripheral Nervous System, Digestion System and Spiritual."

"Quantum Resonance Spectrometer" source


QRS is a great tool to analyze the efficiency of prescribed medications, supplements, vitamins and herbs against any conditions before you buy or consume them.

The advantages of QRS:

  • non invasive
  • no radiation
  • no pain
  • fast result
  • easy monitoring your health condition
  • cost less.


Liver is a very important organ and it helps to filter out toxic elements that we take in from our air and food. When you have burden built up to your liver, it will loose its ability to filter out toxins. Gallbladder stones are the result that will be formed at the gallbladder and duct system leading from the liver. Most of these stones have parasites that live within as over time we are creating a high acid ideal environment for these parasite to feed on.

We combine Quantum theory of embedding frequencies into known herbs that can counter parasites, soften stone and together with oxygenated mineral, organic herbs and fruits to cleanse your liver and gallbladder. We believe, this is one of the best gentle and effective ways to cleanse the liver system.

Depending on a body condition, life-style and mind set, some might need three days to a few weeks of preparation to get the body ready for an 18-hour detox process. Some people may need more than one cleanse to obtain a healthy balance. Some might need only one detox per year to maintain a good functioning liver."

"Quantum Resonance Spectrometer" source