Why coconut oil is so good for hearts and minds

"Coconut oil has had undeservedly bad press for decades. For years, scientists, doctors and dietitians demonised it and other foods such as butter, eggs and bacon. They believed these foods raised levels of ‘bad cholesterol’  and increased your risk of heart attack and stroke."

"Why coconut oil is so good for hearts and minds" source

"They believed the ‘diet-heart hypothesis’. The one that says fat in the diet equals fat in your arteries. I’m still waiting for them to explain just how dietary fat can wreak such havoc in the body. Their deafening silence tells me they can’t explain it. So why do they still cling to the belief that it is harmful?

Most likely, they suffer a bad case of cognitive dissonance. Cognitive dissonance is a psychological phenomenon that explains why very clever people act very stupid at times. They ignore evidence right before their eyes because it contradicts a cherished belief."

"Why coconut oil is so good for hearts and minds" source